Bad Clothes

There are some brands that have some pretty awful clothes and accessorizes.

I really dislike Prada eye wear, I think it’s too old fashioned, and some of the sunglasses are two tone which I think is weird.Louis Vuittons new bags are too… well bright and obnoxious. Harrods jewellery is awful (as a always),one of them have snakes on them! Hello, this is art not a safari! I’ve never liked Harrods, I’ve thought it was a bit too snobby and old fashioned.

Comment below on what clothes you hate.

Thank you!

I have been having a lot more views than normal, because I have written a guest post on kids blog club. If you would like me to post about something, comment down below, It could be anything about style or beauty.

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Anyone who has a style or beauty blog, and needs more views I would be happy to interview you for my blog.I want to be a fashion journalist so it’s good experience for me. Email me at for more details.Image

Interview with Tolly Dolly Posh

Tolly Dolly Posh is a 13 year-old fashion blogger, who has big dreams about being a fashion designer.What inspired you to write a blog?”My goal is to become a fashion designer and I thought it would be a good outlet for me to showcase my ideas.”

How did you first become interested in fashion?”My Mum was a former Mulberry accessories designer so she got me interested!”

Did any fashion blogs inspire you?”Not really. I only started reading blogs once  I started mine.”

Why did you choose fashion for the theme of your blog?”As I said, my goal is to become a fashion designer.”

What is your fashion dream?”To become a fashion designer.

Do you have any blogging tips?”Be yourself. It sounds simple, but a lot of bloggers focus on doing what everybody else is doing to get views. It’s not all about that!

What is your favourite fashion book and magazine?”My Favourite book is In fashion and my favourite magazine is Company.”

10 years from now where do you see yourself?”I’d like to run my own label and be doing well with it.

What is your favourite place to buy clothes.” ASOS is my favourite. They do so many good brands and do brilliant sales!

Do you ever be creative and make and design your own clothes?”Yes, I do design them. I don’t usually make them at the moment because of my budget, but I’m starting to do it!”

Tolly Dolly Posh is a really amazing girl who has a amazing blog, and who will follow my blog. Thanks for reading this! 🙂images



Teen vogue handbook review.


Recently I bought Teen vogue handbook( an insiders guide to careers in fashion), which is so excellent I had decided to write a review.

The book is separated into 6 categories (designers,Editors,stylists,Models,Beauty and Photo). It has real information and advice, it mostly contains of interviews. It also has toolkits,and pages that “dissect” a look or photo.The photos are glossy and sharp.For me there is no disappointments with this book, everything is so clean and polished.I Will rate this book 5/5.You should really buy it.I got mine on ebay, for only £2.50 and £3 for p&p.

I hope you will like this book as much as me.

Teen Vogue

Today when I went to Whsmiths, I stumbled upon Teen Vogue. I’ve been searching for It for ages. I’ve bought Vogue before but I thought It’s just full of advertisements, and everything was way too expensive to buy. But teen vogue is more reasonable in price, and most of the ads are quite good. The latest edition (September 2013) has a lot of fall and back to school clothing ideas, the only flaw is the main article and the cover… Yep you guessed it. One Direction!

My favourite article is of Snoop Dogg’s daughter ( Cori Broadus, aged fourteen) she seems quite unique and cool. In her spare time she rides around In a pink hello kitty bike, and plays with her adorable Yorkie!

I really like teen vogue and I hope you will too.images